Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order?

You can place an order by phone, fax, or email. Orders can be placed by phone Monday – Friday 9 am-5 pm, and Saturday 9 am-12 pm. You can fax and email your orders 24/7. An event specialist will contact you back within 24 hours. We require a 30% deposit to place and hold any reservations.

When do I need to make a reservation?

We suggest to our customers to make reservations the sooner the better. The more notice we have helps us guarantee we can accommodate your needs.

What is your change policy?

The customer has 5 days prior to their event to change any quantities. Special orders or sub-rental items are non-refundable. Any changes made after the 5 day period may require a restocking fee.

What is the Damage Waiver?

The damage waiver covers any accidental damage. The customer has the right to waive the damage waiver. If the customer decides to do so, they will be held liable for any damages that may occur. If the customer decides to keep the waiver it is non-refundable. It does not cover theft, vandalism, mysterious disappearance, or damage due to misuse of equipment.

Can I pick up our equipment?

We offer our customers pick up service Monday – Friday 9 am-5 pm and Saturday 9 am-12 pm.

What is your cancellation policy?

Any cancellations within the 2-week delivery or pick-up window may cause you to lose your 30% deposit. Any custom orders that were placed may not be cancellable. Please call the office to inquire about the cancellation of your specific order. Best Party Rentals will do everything possible to reschedule your event at a later date if this works for you.

How do I arrange a tent site visit?

Tent site visits can be arranged by contacting our office. The site visit allows us to determine what size tent you may need, along with any other suggestions we may be able to provide. Some tent visits do require a site deposit. If you decide to let us do your tent, the deposit will be deducted from your final bill.

How far do you deliver?

We currently have two locations in California's Central Valley. Best Party Rentals has locations in both Fresno/Clovis and Bakersfield. Call one of our event specialists to inquire about the current delivery rates.

How is equipment delivered and how should it be returned?

All equipment is delivered and stacked neatly in the customers' requested destination. All equipment should be broken down and stacked exactly where it was delivered unless different arrangements are made. Additional charges will apply if the equipment is not broken down and stacked neatly. All china, flatware, and glasses should be returned to their crates they were delivered in. They should all be scraped and rinsed free of any food or debris. Additional charges may apply if items are returned excessively dirty. All equipment must be accounted for on pick up. Additional charges will apply for any missing equipment.

Do you offer event set up and breakdown?

We do offer set up and breakdown. Contact one of our event specialists to get the current rates.

How do I handle damp or wet linens after an event?

If linens are wet please let them air-dry before bagging them. This will help avoid mildew and other damages to the fabric. Additional charges may apply for damaged linen.

How big should my dance floor be?

We estimate you need about 3 sq ft. of dance space per person. You should estimate that only half of your total number of guests will be dancing at one time. For example: 50ppl 12x12, 100ppl 18x17, 150ppl 22x20.

Do I have to pay for rentals that I don't use?

Yes, we charge for all time out.